A Romance language belonging to the Indo-European family, French. Like all Romance languages, it is descended from the vulgar Latin of the Roman Empire. Gallo-Romance, the Latin spoken in Gaul, and more specifically in Northern Gaul, gave rise to French. Its nearest cousins are the other langues d’ol, which French (Francien) mostly replaced and which were once widely spoken in northern France and southern Belgium. The native Celtic tongues of Northern Roman Gaul, such as Gallia Belgica, and the (Germanic) Frankish language of the post-Roman Frankish conquerors both had an impact on French. There are many French-based creole languages now as a result of France’s historical overseas expansion, most notably Haitian Creole. Francophone is a term that can be used to refer to a French-speaking individual or country in both English and French.

A Quand il fait froid en hiver, je mets un pull-over au lieu d’utiliser le chauffage central.

B J’éteins toujours la lumière quand je quitte une pièce.

C Aujourd’hui, en France, seule une bouteille sur trois est recyclée. C’est une honte.

D Je recycle les journaux. Cela permet de sauver des forêts.

E Je ferme le robinet quand je me brosse les dents et je me douche au lieu de prendre un bain.

F J’achète toujours des biscuits emballés dans du carton, plutôt que dans du plastique.

1. Match the words in the following sentences to the descriptions.

A I wear a pullover when it gets cold outside instead of turning on the central heating.

B When I leave a room, I always feel the light.

C Currently, only one out of every three bottles is recycled in France. It’s hollow.

D I recycle the newspapers. This makes it possible to save forests.

E Either I shower instead of taking a bath or I close the refrigerator when I scratch.

F I always purchase biscuits wrapped in cardboard rather than plastic.

A Conserving electricity
B Conserving water
C Recycling paper
D Avoiding central heating
E Too much packaging

A Économie d’électricité
B Économie d’eau
C Recyclage du papier
D Trop d’emballages
E  Éviter d’utiliser le chauffage central
F Recyclage du verre

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